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Opinion What’s up with Amnesty International and its moral myopia on Ukraine?

Frida Ghitis: Amnesty International accused Ukraine of "violating the laws of war" She says it's wrong to accuse Ukraine of defending its cities and allowing Russia to occupy them without a fight. She says the Russians, who have launched an unprovoked war of aggression, are delighted; Ukrainians are dismayed. Ghitis asks: What was Ukraine supposed to do? Not defend its cities, expose Ukrainians to the horrors of Russian occupation, Ghitis says. The head of Amnesty’s Ukraine office, Oksana Pokalchuk, quit in disgust, writing on Facebook that the organization had not given the Ukrainian Defense Ministry enough time to respond to the accusations, she says. Ghitis writes: Amnesty's employees, executives and board members should feel embarrassed.

Amnesty International is blaming the victims by suggesting that Russian attacks on urban areas are justified by the presence of Ukrainian defenders. Julian Zelizer: There is no record of the Ukrainians deliberately attacking civilians in Russian-occupied cities such as Kherson. He says such tactics would prove entirely ineffective against Russian generals, who show no concern for lives of their own soldiers.