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Opinion What might help Democrats’ prospects? A focus on workers’ dignity.

Frida Ghitis: Democrats' short-term prospects in November's midterm elections are grim. She says Democrats' likely loss of the House will throw a wrench in any hope they might have of reimagining their ideological future. Ghitis says the U.S.’s uncritical and unrealistic approach to globalization has been a bipartisan disaster. He says both Sandel and Bennet argued that smugness of elites contributed to the populist backlash that produced Trumpism.Ghitis: What people need is “dignified employment at decent pay, the kind of employment that lets a person say to his community, his family, to his country, and most important, to himself, ‘I helped to build this ‘truly’

Both speakers were inclined to shift the tax burden away from work and toward consumption and financial speculation. Julian Zelizer: The cupboard of policy ideas that serve such a social good is not entirely empty. But the United States does need a creative, responsible center-left party, Zelizer says.