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Opinion What do the Trumpists have planned? Turnkey authoritarianism.

Julian Zelizer: Trump allies are planning mass purge of civil servants, to replace them with loyalists. Zelizer says the plan could be used by any Republican who becomes president. He says it's not just more disturbing than what he did before, but beyond what any president has imagined. Trump would restock a second administration with people who have been revealed as the most dangerous, the least concerned with the law and the most eager to dispense with democratic practices, Zelizer writes. If Trump doesn't run, or is beaten in a GOP primary, this effort can become the blueprint to bring the same approach to the next GOP administration, he says. It says that it isn't enough to simply pursue a set of conservative policies on taxes, immigration, the environment or anything else.

Ruben Navarrette: DeSantis is only one of an entire generation of Republicans who have embraced the idea that limited government is for suckers. They want to use state power aggressively, to punish their enemies and fight the culture war, he says. He says if Trump is elected again he should fire “every civil servant in the administrative state” and “replace them with our