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Opinion What Cracker Barrel can teach us about how to deal with social media cranks

Frida Ghitis: Cracker Barrel announced it was offering vegan sausage on its Facebook page. She says the post had more than 7,000 comments, but that's a sign that social media makes us lose all sense of proportion. Ghitis says in a big country, there are always a few cranks who are prepared to get angry about anything you can think of. But in fact, their numbers are still insignificant, relative to the 325 million people in the U.S., she says, but the next time you see some social media controversy that is supposed to tell us something dire about America, try applying what I like to call the Texas High School Stadium rule: "Would I care if we were talking about the crowd in one of those stadiums?"

This is a useful corrective for people who are being brigaded by Twitter trolls. It's also useful for executives who find their company at the center of some viral controversy. Cracker Barrel ignored the cranks, politely said that they intended to keep serving meat eaters the same delicious blends of meat by-products and nitrates.