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Opinion What China’s overreaction to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit really tells us

China’s overreaction and retaliation toward Taiwan shows leadership in Beijing is now focusing on taking the island by force, not through peaceful reunification as it has long claimed. China shot missiles over Taiwanese cities for the first time; China's unprecedented military exercises all around the island could be a dry run for a blockade or an invasion. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says China is using the Pelosi visit as a pretext to continue their steadily increasing aggression. Some experts warn that Beijing might feel compelled to use force in Taiwan because they perceive that the U.S. and Taiwan are moving toward independence, even if leaders in Washington and Taipei don't see it that way. Beijing doesn’t want a military confrontation right now, in part because it is not yet prepared

China’s overreaction in Taiwan and efforts to create a new, more dangerous status quo should be a wake-up call for the world. Time is running out to increase support for Taiwan such that China will conclude an invasion would not succeed.