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Opinion Washington is gung-ho for a new Cold War. But that’s a bad old idea.

China unleashed live-fire military exercises off the coast of Taiwan, simulating a real “reunification by force” operation. Julian Zelizer: Does a new Cold War serve the real security of Americans? Does it further President Biden’s promised “foreign policy for the middle class?” might most Americans prefer that this country curb our enthusiasm for foreign adventure while focusing on getting our own house in order? He says China is a true “peer competitor,” as the Pentagon calls it. But its strength is its economy, not its military. It's the leading trading partner for countries across the globe, from Latin America to Africa to Asia. The U.S. should focus on developing the new technologies that will define the markets of the future

The Cold Warriors assume that most of the world stands with us, says Julian Zelizer. But developing world is skeptical or worse about U.S. claims regarding democracy or the rules-based order, he says. Zelizer: China’s purchases of Russian oil and gas have increased by 72 percent since Ukraine invasion.