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Opinion Trump’s primary winning streak shows he’s still king of the GOP

Donald Trump has had a remarkable run of success in the Republican primaries lately, writes Julian Zelizer. Zelizer: The question is whether his candidates can win swing states and districts in the fall. He says Trump gambled with endorsements of candidates who were either behind in the polls or running against strong, well-financed establishment-backed Republicans. Trump's winning streak confirms that Trump remains the man to beat in the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race, Zelizer says. But anyone who wants to challenge Trump’s dictums must tread carefully, he says, not to rest on his laurels. Winning a primary is only the first step to holding public office, he writes. Winning in Pennsylvania will be ground zero for this analysis. The state was extremely close in both 2016 and 2020

Trump’s candidates probably need to win at least five of these seven races for him to claim victory. Anything less will lend credence to the argument that he's political poison to swing voters. Michigan and Wisconsin also feature Trump-backed statewide nominees.