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Opinion Trump should make the search warrant public

There is little doubt that the residence of a former president can be subjected to lawful searches and seizures, says Julian Zelizer. Zelizer: The past is no guide to the present; the American public needs to see the warrant. He says the search at Mar-a-Lago should be made public; the former president has a copy; he should make it public. Zelizer says it's important to know exactly what was taken and who has custody of it. It's a dangerous moment for the U.S. Constitution, Zelizer writes; the search is sure to dominate the Beltway for weeks, but it's not the first time this has happened before, but the past isn't a guide to present. He asks: What is the Justice Department looking for and was this necessary?

Graham: "I’d hate to have to prove that Donald Trump conspired with anybody about anything about anything" If the investigation misses and sputters out in another fruitless witch hunt, the Trump-haters will have missed — again. “You know,” Graham warned, “just be careful what you wish for”