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Opinion Trump is losing ground in the 2024 primary. Here’s why.

Julian Zelizer: Donald Trump's position is worse than it was a year ago; half of GOP voters are considering other candidates. Trump used to take positions that helped him stand out from other leading Republicans, Zelizer says. Trump has lost his unique claim on immigration, economics and attacking the GOP establishment, he says. In office, he passed conservative tax cuts, fought regulation and governed like a traditional Republican, he writes. Zelizer : Trump's status as an anti-establishment figure has been muddied by his four years in office; voters now see him as more conservative than he did in the 2016 election. He says half of Republicans think Trump’s wing of the party and the establishment have buried the hatchet; Republicans admire their party more than they did before Trump

Julian Zelizer: By rehabilitating the GOP in the eyes of its voters, Trump deprived himself of a useful antagonist. Trump angered a chunk of his party by pushing to overturn the 2020 election, Zelizer says. He says it might be tough for Trump, who spent four years inside the White House, to again claim the outsider mantle. Zelizer argues that election fraud is not a priority for most Republicans; election fraud or security is a secondary issue, he says. Trump is still the dominant figure in the GOP — and if he focuses on attacking Biden and promoting his accomplishments, he might sail to the nomination.