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Opinion Tim Ryan is playing to win in Ohio

Tim Ryan is squaring off against J.D. Vance, a onetime Donald Trump critic who rode Trump’s endorsement to victory in GOP primary. John Avlon: Vance's campaign had been AWOL from the airwaves for that entire time. He says Ryan has spent more than $8 million on advertisements, including $6.5 million on television since May. Avlon says the clock is ticking for Vance to make sure people know Ryan has voted with Biden 100 percent of the time, but he's a natural people person, a contrast to Vance's more elitist persona despite his humble roots. In fact, as of last October registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans, but Ohio's method of party identification is misleading.

This election is the first midterm of a new president, which typically boosts the opposition party. Ryan's fundraising advantage will likely be short-lived with big donors such as Peter Thiel in Vance's corner. Vance’s flip-flop on Trump does not instill a sense of core principles.