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Opinion This is what happens when the party in charge cares about governing

Ruben Navarrette: The Inflation Reduction Act is a remarkable burst of legislative achievements. He says it shows that at the right moment, with the right people in charge, D.C. can still make progress. But try to imagine the Republican Party as it’s currently constituted doing what Democrats just did, he says. The only subject they care enough about to craft a complicated bill on is taxes, which is relatively easy because they all agree they should be lower, at least for corporations and the wealthy, he writes. But give Republicans a difficult legislative task, such as following through on their oft-made pledge to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with what Donald Trump memorably called “something terrific”

Taking the governing process seriously means acknowledging the importance of the division of labor, with different people playing different roles. It’s the job of activists to think creatively and press relentlessly for change, which often means saying that legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act doesn’t go far enough. The rest of us should be able to say that this bill is a great achievement for