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Opinion This is Biden’s biggest unnoticed success

New analysis shows Biden has appointed far more diverse set of judges than any president in history, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Frida Ghitis: Biden has also put a premium on a greater diversity of experience, seeking not just former prosecutors and sitting judges but also people who have worked as public defenders. She says Republicans don't hear much criticism from Biden of this record, since it’s hard to say “Biden should appoint more White men to the bench!” and not sound racist and sexist. Ghitis says that diversity isn’t primarily a function of Biden's goodwill and fervent desire to diversify the bench, but that diversity is a result of his desire to broaden the bench. She adds that Biden is influenced by forces within the Democratic Party.

Even before Roe v. Wade, Democrats were becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the courts. It wouldn't have been possible for any Democrat elected in