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Opinion The U.S. must end Israel’s impunity and investigate my aunt’s killing

Lina Abu Akleh: All evidence indicates Shireen was killed by an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank town of Jenin on May 11. She says she was shot in the space between her protective helmet and bulletproof vest clearly marked as PRESS. She and her family want an independent, thorough and transparent investigation into the killing. Lina: U.S. government has helped Israel avoid accountability for decades of grave, systematic human rights abuses and violations of international law. We hope President Biden will reconsider and finally act, we hope he will reconsider, Lina says, after meeting with Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday to discuss the killing of her aunt, who was killed in May 11, in D.C. She says the Biden administration continues to stand by

There was no U.S. investigation when an Israeli soldier drove a bulldozer over American peace activist Rachel Corrie, crushing her to death in 2003. There has been no accountability for Omar Assad, a 78-year-old Palestinian American who was dragged from his car in the bitter cold of