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Opinion The U.S. is bad at handling epidemics. Monkeypox is the latest example.

New York has declared monkeypox a public health emergency as U.S. cases of the disease tick upward. Frida Ghitis: The response is following an eerily familiar pattern: Viruses begin in a vulnerable population that people in power don’t feel is worthy of their attention and care, Ghitis says. She says any effective response to an epidemic has to begin with compassion and action, not fear or indifference.Ghitis: Any effective response has to start with compassion, action not fear, but empathy, urgency and honesty. We know the basic steps needed to stop monkeypox’s spread: Make testing and vaccination easy, accessible and free. Allow those infected to properly isolate, and

LGBTQ groups are leading the way with fact-based campaigns that focus on reaching gay and bisexual men without the alarmist, insensitive tone that so often defines messaging crafted without community input. We can find ways to be direct about the fact that particular communities are at disproportionate risk without stigmatizing them. Still, as admirable as the efforts by activists and nonprofits have been, they shouldn’t