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Opinion The mystery of Mar-a-Lago and the dilemma of democracy

Frida Ghitis: No matter what comes out of Mar-a-Lago raid, almost no one who takes partisan view will be moved. She says the long-term question is what role law enforcement power can and should play in regulating a political system like ours, where consensus is eroding and trust is breaking down. Ghitis says the Justice Department should serve the partisan interests of whomever is in office, not of the opposition. She writes: If the raid aggravates partisan furies, it won’t be because it sees itself as apolitical that it could not foresee consequences of the raid for the United States’s cycle of polarization. It is not a panacea, but despite its righteous pretenses,

There’s a third option between justice distorted by partisanship and justice so narrowly technocratic that it abandons common sense. Barr in 2020 delivered a landmark speech expounding on this view. He highlighted the importance of not fully decoupling law enforcement from the constraining forces of politics. Barr concluded his speech by quoting Robert H. Jackson, attorney general under President