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Opinion The mini-Trumps are as big a threat to democracy as Trump is

Julian Zelizer: Republicans are eroding American democracy day by day. Zelizer says GOP officials are regularly taking actions that add up to an antidemocratic movement. He says they are reducing news media access, making it harder to vote, using government power to threaten enemies. In contrast with Jan. 6, these actions are often successful because they aren’t as brazen as Trump’s moves, Zelizer writes. But structural differences make it easier to erode democracy at the local and state levels compared with nationally, he says. In red states, gerrymandering and voters’ hatred of the Democratic Party mean that, unlike Trump, GOP officials in these states, they basically can't lose power no matter how badly they behave.

Frida Ghitis: Anti-Democracy movement is centered on one man and one day. She says anti-Trump politicians and the media have created the impression that the movement is focused on Trump. Ghitis says the biggest danger is that a bunch of mini-Trumps, some of whom you have never heard of, take several hundred actions that gradually create a national government or 25 to 30 state governments.