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Opinion The latest Trump grift? Burying Ivana at their golf club.

Donald Trump buried his late ex-wife, Ivana Trump, right near the first tee at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., on Sunday. Frida Ghitis: The former president has shown little interest in conventional post-presidency pursuits, such as building a presidential library. She says he has seemingly turned his late wife into a tax dodge; operating a cemetery at the Trump National offers “a trifecta of tax avoidance. Property, income & sales tax, all eliminated.” Ghitis says it’s not clear how much a cemetery tax break on part of the property would help Trump because he had already avoided taxes by getting local authorities to declare the larger, wooded site a farm. She adds that Trump never loved cemeteries.

The high-vacancy Trump cemetery could be used as a remembrance for those who are technically living but have had their careers and reputations buried by Trump. Alternatively, the high-