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Opinion The Kentucky flooding is horrific. So is some Democrats’ lack of sympathy.

Courtney Lucas: Flooding in eastern Kentucky was like nothing I’d ever seen before, but some of the online response to it was depressingly familiar. Lucas: "These people got what they voted for. Maybe it's God’s punishment for being a bastion of ignorance and regression" Lucas: I have always proudly voted for Democratic candidates in local, state and federal elections. I was born and raised in Pikeville, as were my parents, my grandparents and many generations before them. But what I saw on social media suggests that more than a few can’t put people before party even when lives are in danger, she says. She says Democrats often justifiably accuse Republicans of choosing party over people.

Too many of my fellow Democrats have become calloused to places like eastern Kentucky because they are deemed a lost cause. People need a scapegoat for their political frustrations, and Appalachia’s complicated history of exploitation and extraction makes it the perfect candidate. Even if the only people affected by the floods were those who voted for McConnell and Trump, they are still human beings