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Opinion The Kansas abortion vote sends a powerful message to the Supreme Court

Ruben Navarrette: GOP embraced the hardcore antiabortion crowd for years, but Supreme Court protected abortion rights. He says the new majority of radical Republican Supreme Court justices changed everything in June. He asks: People who would vote for castor oil if it had an “R” on the bottle either stayed home or quietly voted for the right to choose. Navarro: Kansans reject idea that individual rights should come and go depending on who most effectively lobbies the state legislature, and assured that the Kansas Supreme Court will continue to play a deciding role in state law. The Catholic Church poured millions into the antiabortion campaign, but the measure led by a mere whisker in Atchison County, where the largest employer is a Catholic university.

On certain matters, Americans want the government to butt out and expect the courts to protect their right to be left alone. The Republican Party has for decades hoped and pleaded to have basic abortion rights turned into a perpetual legislative dogfight. For now, the GOP is caught between its antiabortion base voters and its moderate middle.