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Opinion The Jan. 6 committee showed Congress how to run a blockbuster hearing

Julian Zelizer: Critics said the Jan. 6 hearings would not learn anything from the hearings. Zelizer says the hearings have been an opportunity to use a variety of visual means to present evidence and teach people something. He says the committee changed its format, interspliced news footage, the crucial parts of depositions and live testimony with live testimony and video clips, to help educate the public and make the case for reforms to prevent the next coup attempt. Zelizer and Zelizer say the hearings were not the stars of the show, but they were the best way to run a newsworthy hearing. The hearings even had a surprise guest star in witness Cassidy Hutchinson, whose name came out only hours before her appearance, Zelizer writes. In our next episode, we will tell you

Republicans have acted as if there’s something wrong with holding compelling, well-organized and effective hearings. The committee provided little intermissions during each hearing so the media could recap and viewers could catch their breath. The committee also understood the press has limited bandwidth. So the bombshells had to be spaced out, with periods between hearings for the media to