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Opinion The Inflation Reduction Act? Try the IRS Enforcement Act instead.

Sen. Bernie Sanders called President Biden's climate tax and spending bill what it is: "Inflation Reduction Act" Julian Zelizer: The bill increases the budget of the Internal Revenue Service by $80 billion over 10 years. He says the IRS could hire 86,852 full-time employees over the next 10 years to audit more returns and pry more money out of taxpayers to fund the administration’s radical climate agenda. Zelizer says it would be 6½ times the size of our Border Patrol, which has 19,536 agents trying to handle the worst border crisis in American history. The U.S. Army is facing the worst recruiting crisis since the creation of the all-volunteer force in 1973 and could find itself short 25,000 troops at the end of this year.

If Biden really cared about reducing inflation, he would be focused on helping private businesses find workers, not competing with them for workers. This bill is not