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Opinion The Great Rebundling is coming. It’s a bad idea.

Frida Ghitis: As more consumers cut the cord, the entertainment world has divided into ever-smaller niches. She says conglomerates don't want niches; they want mega-properties with hundreds of millions of subscribers. Ghitis says people simply don’t want to associate, even tangentially, with channels or products they don't like. Warner Bros. may be making a mistake when it considers plans to merge HBO Max and Discovery Plus into a single streaming service, Ghitis writes. We live in an age when identity is intimately tied to cultural consumption, she says, and trying to be everything to all people is a risky strategy in a world that already has Netflix. The phenomenon isn't limited to entertainment, of course,

In an age of niche-dom, even a gift from the biggest band (or brand) can be an unwelcome intrusion. Entertainment conglomerates seem to be forgetting that as they move closer to making people pay for properties they don't identify with.