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Opinion The GOP surrenders any claim to being the ‘law and order’ party

Ruben Navarrette: For decades, GOP purported to be the party that was “tough on crime’s” He says some Republicans are now on the side of the scofflaws on matters of crimefighting. Navarro: To some Republicans, a lawfully executed search of a Trump property apparently merits shaming and defunding the FBI. He says many Republicans have fought to shield other deep-pocketed, white-collar criminals from the rule of law by deliberately defunding tax police. The IRS-referred federal prosecutions reached their lowest level on record in fiscal 2020 and are on track to be barely higher this year, he says. Dodging your taxes is not a victimless crime, whatever Trump (“I have brilliantly used those laws

The IRS expects to hire 87,000 more employees in the next decade. The IRS has most cut back its enforcement efforts over the past decade. GOP Rep. Jim Banks tweeted that the search of Mar-a-Lago could lead to more IRS agents.