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Opinion The GOP is Viktor Orban’s party now

David Gergen: Viktor Orban received a standing ovation at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas. He endorsed the white supremacist “replacement theory” and denounced a “mixed-race world” Gergen says Orban hasn’t recanted his repugnant views, and right-wingers in Dallas thrilled to his denunciations of immigration, abortion, LGBTQ rights and “the Woke Globalist Goliath” He says this is the Trump effect: The former president has made the marginal into the mainstream of the Republican Party, and vice versa. Gergen writes that in other races across the country, Republicans are nominating far-right fanatics who claim the 2020 presidential election was “rigged”

The libertarian-leaning Republican Party I grew up with in the 1980s is long gone and not coming back, says Julian Zelizer. Zelizer: Republicans want Americans to be free to carry weapons of war or spread deadly diseases but not to terminate a pregnancy or discuss gender or sexuality in school. If the GOP gains power in Washington, all of America will be in danger of being Orban