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Opinion The GOP is blowing its chance to make the midterms a referendum on Democrats

Julian Zelizer: GOP path to victory in November is easy to discern. He says the GOP should nominate broadly acceptable candidates who can stroke the MAGA base while appealing to moderates who backed Joe Biden. Zelizer says GOP should focus on the president’s perceived failings, especially on inflation and immigration, especially in the midterms. Republicans should try to take abortion off the table as quickly as possible, he says, in Michigan and in Kansas. The GOP should declare unconditionally that no federal antiabortion bill will receive a vote in the next Congress if they are in charge, Zelizer writes. That's the best thing they can do to combat Democratic efforts to paint every Republican as an abortion extremist, he adds. The Michigan gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon

Frida Ghitis: Radical Republicans want someone who will take their country back. She says they're trying to placate progressives and push for radical change in U.S. She says both movements likely to fail for the simple reason Ronald Reagan identified in 1964: “Human nature resists change and goes over backward to avoid radical change