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Opinion The ECA reform bill has serious problems. Here’s how to fix them.

A bipartisan group of senators released a compromise proposal to reform the the Electoral Count Act of 1887 last month. Julian Zelizer: The proposal needs some key fixes, but it would not have prevented Donald Trump and his shady lawyers from trying to exploit the statute’s ambiguities in 2020. Zelizer says the Senate Rules Committee heard some of these solutions at a hearing on Wednesday. He says the bill still refers to the electoral slates as “purported certificates,” which re-injects the same uncertainly that Trump and John Eastman sought to use to challenge certificates in 2020. Other election gurus argue the proposed threshold for objecting to electoral votes is too low. The reform bill would raise that to 20 percent of each chamber.

The Electoral Count Act was the weak link in our presidential election system that Trump and his cronies sought to weaponize to remain in power.