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Opinion The Dems are no longer in disarray, but the GOP is goofing off

Ruben Navarrette: All of a sudden, Democrats are no longer in disarray and achieving major goals. He says they're marching in tight formation and achieving goals, and it's almost hard to recognize when it’s happening. The GOP now looks disorganized and dangerously out of step, he says, and is playing the same old stale hits. He asks: It's the GOP looking like the party of bad, accidental comedy, with wacky and incompetent candidates nominated in key Senate races and a wacky Trump-endorsed candidates in key races, and the party is out of order. Navarrettrettretto: GOP officials spent the past few days attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas attending CPAC.

David Gergen: Democrats have a better-than-even chance of retaining control of the Senate and at least a prayer of doing so in the House. He says gasoline prices are falling about as rapidly as they rose, and drivers are noticing the difference. Gergen says there is not much that any president can do