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Opinion The democratic lessons of Kansas’s pro-choice upset

Frida Ghitis: Tuesday abortion referendum in Kansas shows pro-choice victory, calls both positions into question. She says both sides seek to claim mantle of 19th-century abolitionism, but it can be fought out democratically in the states. Ghitis says it shows that the absolutist pro-life movement is a political minority, but its prospects for codifying strict antiabortion laws in federal legislation are remote. She says it undermines the premise that states can’t be trusted to give abortion policy a fair hearing through political give-and-take process of political give and take.Ghitis: America’s traditional model of democratic federalism has plenty of running room left. It’�s hard to square the nearly 18-

Many state legislatures passed pro-life statutes when the issue was purely notional, because abortion remained a federal constitutional right. Legislatures will be forced to hew more closely to the opinions of their voters if the laws they pass are immediately binding. Indiana’s GOP legislature is moving ahead with such a bill, though voters have not yet had a chance to intervene in a legislative