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Opinion The Dark Brandon meme can’t escape death

Frida Ghitis: Dark Brandon meme, against all odds, works. She says it was created by right-wing critics after an NBC Sports reporter interpreted a “F— Joe Biden” chant from the crowd as “Let’s go, Brandon!” She says the riff, driven largely by the edge-lording left, conveniently manages to mock conservatives and mainstream liberals all at once. Ghitis says everything ironic eventually becomes genuine, if you wait long enough for the normies to discover it. This is the way a meme ends: its nihilism co-opted into earnestness by embarrassingly sincere lookers-on not online enough to know better, and trying too hard. To make matters worse, she added: “Just kidding.”

The comedy has turned to tragedy, and if Dark Brandon isn’t dead yet, he probably will be soon. An additional hazard for the hipper, nihilistic early adopters of this trend, assuming everything