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Opinion The critics are wrong. School lockdown drills can help save lives.

Jaclyn Schildkraut, Amanda Nickerson and Jaclyn Nickerson: Lockdown drills have saved lives of students and staff on worst days. They say they have been falsely blamed for not preventing shooting events. Nickerson, Nickerson say drills should be planned by a multidisciplinary team that includes administrators, educators, safety specialists, mental health professionals, facilities personnel. Writers: When done right, lockdown drills lead to a number of positive outcomes. They say students express less fear of harm and perceived risk of victimization after conducting a drill, training can help students master important protocols, such as locking doors and not responding to door knocking. This leaves us with one question heading into the new school year: How can we ensure that schools are properly preparing students and

It should always be announced that “this is a drill” so that everyone is clear there is not an actual emergency. Adults should model calm behavior when talking about and participating in the drills, as children take their cues from them. Sensorial tactics should not be used, and simulating an active shooter is unnecessary.