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Opinion The Arbery case is heinous, but his killers’ sentences are extreme

David Singleton: Ahmaud Arbery was shot to death by three White men who had hunted him down. Singleton says he was relieved when the jury found Arbery’s killers guilty of murder. But he says they were sentenced to life in prison without parole. He says mass incarceration is not result of locking lots of people up for low-level, nonviolent crimes, but it's result of racial justice in the U.S. Singleton is a former public defender who now works to end mass incarceration and the extreme sentences that contribute to it, he says. He writes: People should not be defined forever by the worst things they’ve done. But a life sentence does just that.

Angelo Robinson served 22 years in prison for murder and drug trafficking. Today, Robinson works as a machinist at a tool factory, is a straight-A student at a community college and owns his own home. Under their current sentences, the McMichaels will die in prison, while Bryan, who is 52, won’t even be considered for release until