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Opinion The 2022 midterms could make the GOP the most diverse it has ever been

Julian Zelizer: 2020 was a great year for diversity in the GOP, with record numbers of female and minority candidates. Zelizer says the next year is shaping up to be even better, with diverse candidates in swing seats. He says it's possible as many as 50 women and 20 Black, Hispanic or Asian candidates will become Republican House members next year. Women and minorities make up large numbers of candidates in potential swing seats, he says, not blind Trumpism, is the GOP’s future. Zelizer writes: This is the future of the GOP; it's not only possible, but it's likely a few will come to D.C. It's also possible that a plurality of Republicans will choose one of them in Pennsylvania.

There have always been female and minority Republican legislators, but for a variety of reasons, they have emerged more slowly than among Democrats. This trend is happening because women and minorities have finally built up political capital to bid for high office. Democrats have long played the race and gender cards against