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Opinion That Cheney ad speaks volumes about the GOP’s rot

John Avlon: Dick Cheney's campaign ad for daughter Liz Cheney is part swan song, part defiance, part nostalgia. Avlon says it tells us more about the decrepit state of the GOP than any Democrat's ad has this cycle. Cheney focuses solely on Trump’s danger to democracy; for a party obsessed with masculine strength, there is no harsher accusation. He says Liz Cheney's chances in the Aug. 16 Wyoming primary in Trump country aren’t high; even if she loses, she’ll still have plenty to do. She could denounce GOP candidates who deny the 2020 results and remain a menace to democracy, Avlon writes. None of these GOP candidates can be trusted to accept the 2024 election results, he says.

After her work on the committee is done, Cheney must not fail in her efforts to