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Opinion Slavery reckoning requires confronting sexual exploitation of Black women

Frida Ghitis: Harvard University has reported on ways in which it was entangled with slavery and racial injustice. She says examination of racist cruelty in 18th- and 19th-century America cannot stop with failings of public and private institutions. Ghitis says enslaved Black men, dogs, cows, chickens, plows and whips, were considered property. She asks: How many enslavers impregnated captive Black women and girls? Ghitis writes: It would be informative to see the identities of those who fathered babies born to enslaved Black women, girls and women and boys, Ghitis adds. The hypocrisy of living as a keeper of family values, while sexually exploiting Black women spanned the American Revolution and extended well beyond the Civil War.

I trace my ancestry to people enslaved in Culpeper, Va. I don't know the families of my ancestors’ enslavers, but I think of children born to enslaved Black women and the owners who initiated and perpetuated despicable behavior beyond