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Opinion Sinema’s big yes will give Democrats a major opening

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema appears to support Democrats' climate and health care bill. Julian Zelizer: Democrats are set to unilaterally launch the country’s biggest effort yet to combat our planetary climate emergency. He says the bill would allow Democrats to shift the debate: Rebuilding jobs in the industrial and Appalachian heartlands requires accepting realities of global warming and technological change. Zelizer says Republicans have struggled to attack the bill's tax provisions; the buyback tax in the package makes those attacks even sillier. He asks: Will “America First” Republicans really attack that? All this gives Democrats an opening to seize the populist mantle. All 50 Senate Democrats are close to uniting behind passage of the bill, Zelizer writes.

The bill will “set us on the path to dominate the clean energy industry by creating millions of good-paying jobs here at home,” Ryan Ryan said in a statement, calling it “a major win for working people in Ohio’s Ohio. This is a big moment for Democrats, but it's sobering that the most our system can bear is a package that only nudges us in a greener direction without placing serious constraints on the fossil fuel industry.