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Opinion Republicans dream of vengeance — and dismantling the federal government

Frida Ghitis: Republicans outraged at FBI search of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club. She says right-wing reaction to the search suggests they have found an excuse for something they have long desired. Ghitis says the more they talk about it, the more likely they will act on it when they have the chance to take power. She asks: What they will do when they next take power, whom they will punish, which institutions they will tear down and how much destruction they will bring to D.C. She says this is an impulse that has been growing on the right as Republicans consider how to turn Trump’s antidemocratic impulses into a genuine strategy to reimagine how government works and for whom.Ghitis: Trump loyalists are preparing

As conservatives spin out fantasies of power and revenge, the same theme keeps emerging: We’ve been too timid, too nice and too respectful of the system. Next time, they insist, we’re not going to mess around. We're coming for the entire government, not just the inner circle. Is some of