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Opinion Republicans are in a panic over Democratic tax proposals. Guess why.

Julian Zelizer: Democrats are working to pass a bill to make our tax system a little more fair. He says only a bill aimed at the bank accounts of the wealthy and corporations could produce this kind of angry opposition. Zelizer says the GOP's passion for the economic interests of regular folks is less than sincere. The bill includes provisions that will give financial benefits to the middle class, he says, but don't take into account many of the bill's provisions that give financial help to middle class. Zelizers: Republicans have long waged a budgetary war on the IRS, resulting in drastically reduced funding and staffing, and the agency is struggling to goafter tax cheats, particularly wealthy ones able to hire lawyers and accountants to fight against any effort to pay their fair share.

The IRS is understaffed, hamstrung and operating with archaic equipment, an investigation found. The Wall Street Journal editorial page moaned that with this new funding the IRS will go into “Beast Mode,” unleashing a wave of oppression on the middle class.