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Opinion Republicans are coming after Social Security. Democrats, take note.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) says Social Security should be up for reauthorization vote every single year. Ruben Navarrette: Social Security is an enormously popular program and hugely effective. He says Republicans are mouthing off claim to want to save Social Security from itself and that they aren’t attacking the program. He notes that there are two bills in Congress that would shore up the program while expanding its benefits. Navarro: Polls show voters want a more generous and stable Social Security program, not a smaller, riskier and precarious one. Democrats, on the other hand, actually have systemic plans to address these woes, he says. Neither has a Republican co-sponsor.

Scott Scott's plan to end federal programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid received a resounding thumbs down in a poll last month. When President George W. Bush and his fellow Republicans tried to push through Social Security privatization in 2005, it quite possibly contributed to the party losing control of the House in 2006. Donald Trump triumphed in 2016, in part, because as other Republican candidates seemingly competed to see who could toss grandma from the train.