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Opinion Red states, don’t expect your forced-birth laws to go unchallenged

Indiana is poised to pass one of the most draconian forced-birth laws in the country. Peggy Drexler: It would be barbaric for Indiana to partner with rapists and further traumatize crime victims. She says it would be a second assault on children and women, this time by the state that is supposed to protect them. She asks: Do they really want to be on the wrong side of an issue that drives so many pro-choice voters to the polls? If Indiana’s ban passes, women there will join the thousands of Americans in other states stranded and without access to the procedure. Drezler: The Justice Department on Tuesday sued Idaho for its near-total abortion ban, arguing it violates the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.

Idaho’s statute is designed to snare unwary doctors and chill performance of necessary medical care. The mere performance of an abortion — even in an emergency, life-saving scenario — would subject a provider to criminal prosecution. The state makes it the responsibility of the doctor to prove it is not an illegal abortion.