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Opinion Putin is doing his best to out-fascist Mussolini

Frida Ghitis: Fascism’s vitality in the 21st century marks it as the most successful fighting faith from the 20th century. She says Benito Mussolini, the anti-Enlightenment embodied, was fervent socialist until he became a fervent fascist. Ghitis says Mussolini was an unimposing 5 feet 6 inches tall — 2 inches shorter than Adolf Hitler, 2 inches taller than Francisco Franco — but was fascism: pure energy in search of occasions for aggression. She writes: Putinism is fascism: a simmering stew of grievances and resentments expressed in the rhetoric of victimhood. As in Putin's Russia, there is a “culture of cruelty” where “domestic abuse is no longer a crime

The fascist aesthetic of redemptive, regenerative violence serves the fascist philosophy of national purification through the “self-detoxification of society” So, genocide, understood to encompass the erasure of an entire people’s cultural identity, flows inex