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Opinion Pence gets dissed again — and he ‘deserves it’

John Avlon: Mike Pence deserves at least a modicum of sympathy after all he's been through. He came perilously close, we now know, to what his then-chief of staff says “would have been a massacre” on Jan. 6. He’s getting no credit from fellow Republicans for standing up for democracy that day in early 2021. Pence gushed about what made him “proud” of the Trump years, repeatedly hailing what happened “under the Trump administration” He showered praise on the Trump name no fewer than nine times: “The Trump administration was the only administration in the 21st century where Russia did not seek to redraw international lines by force. … I’m proud to say

On Tuesday, Trump staged a grand return to Washington, giving a keynote speech to the pro-Trump America First Policy Institute. John Avlon: Pence's idea of differentiating himself from Trump is to praise Trump and to give the same sort of “criticize and complain” speech Trump does