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Opinion Pelosi was right to visit Taiwan

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has long been a leader for the cause of freedom in China, says Julian Zelizer. Zelizer: Pelosi has been a strong opponent of the Clinton administration in the 1990s. He says U.S. investment has enriched China, giving Beijing the resources to build a massive military arsenal with which to challenge U.N. hegemony in the Pacific. China’s belligerence against Taiwan is growing, Zelizer says, and China has made incursions into Taiwan territory. The Republic of China on Taiwan on Taiwan is a thriving democracy, he says, but China's dictator Xi Jinping has warned that he will not allow the issue of Taiwan reunification with mainland China “to be passed down from one generation

Nancy Pelosi's first visit to Taiwan by a U.S. House speaker in 25 years lays down an important marker: China cannot bully the speaker of the House and the United States. Julian Zelizer: By defying Biden, the Pentagon and China’s dictator, Pelosi sent a sorely needed message of strength.