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Opinion Our third party is not a party of ideas! It is the idea of a party!

The Forward Party is not a third party in the traditional sense, says Will Conway. Conway: "We are more idea-ideas people than idea people, if you see. Our big idea is to disrupt the party system" Conway: We are not a party of ideas, but we are the idea of a party. We will have the best graphic design of any party if we ever get around to having a slogan, but probably won't because that would be polarizing. We would not insult you by offering so much. To anyone who would dare to call this the Fyre Festival of parties — Fyre festival had those sandwiches. We are the shadow of a sandwich flickering on a cave wall. At most, we are.

The upcoming elections are going to be pivotal when it comes to determining which peoples’ rights survive and whether this country continues to function. There are those who say that if you are starting a third party now, it must be