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Opinion Merrick Garland is no cowboy

Merrick Garland has been criticized for not moving fast enough to pursue criminal charges against Donald Trump. Now, he's in the crosshairs of conservatives infuriated by a court-ordered search of Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida home. Julian Zelizer: Both sides have it wrong. Neither seems to understand the first thing about the deliberative, hyper-methodical attorney general. He says the portrayal of Garland and his stewardship of the Justice Department bears no relation to the man or his performance. Zelizer says the search warrant approved by a federal magistrate would have found probable cause to believe that a crime may have been committed and that evidence was present in the place to be searched. That is the definition of the rule of law, not an assault on it

Attorney General Garland is accused of introducing politics into the Justice Department. He began at the department in 1979 as an aide to then-Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti. Garland is the opposite of a cowboy; he is more inclined to worry an issue to death than to shoot from the hip. His tenure as attorney general has been aimed at repairing the damage to the department inflicted during the Trump years.