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Opinion Meet some of the pro-abortion-rights Kansans who stunned the nation

David Gergen: We should not read too much into Kansas voters' lopsided rejection of abortion ban. He says the nation’s voters are more complicated than Democrats and Republicans. Gergen says many unaffiliated and Republican voters opposed the ban on abortion. He asks: Even if they don't vote for one party or the other, many have strongly held views on particular issues.Gergen: Results in Kansas have an important message for all of America: Voters are complicated, not just Democrats outvoting Republicans, but voters are diverse and more likely to vote in favor of abortion rights, Gergen writes. But this result didn’t come from nowhere, he says; tens of thousands of people in Kansas who voted for abortion rights were likely to turn out.

David Gergen: A fifth of those who voted in Kansas last week took the pro-abortion rights position. Gergen says that's surprising, at least at first glance. He says Americans often have views that conflict with their party’s stands, such as raising the minimum wage, expanding Medicaid and reducing gerrymandering. The good news for Republicans is that these voters aren’t likely to become consistent Democratic votes, even as Trump-like figures dominate the GOP, Gergen writes. The biggest lesson from Kansas is one people like me keep forgetting — the voters aren't nearly as predictable as we think they are, he says. The best news for Democrats is that all eight I interviewed said they voted for Joe Biden in 2020 and would oppose Donald Trump again in 2024.