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Opinion Lucky for Whitmer, the moderate Michigan GOP is an endangered species

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's first term has been wracked by turmoil. She has dealt with a bitter backlash over pandemic restrictions and been the subject of a kidnapping plot. But she seems to be sitting comfortably above chaos among her potential Republican challengers. Five of 10 GOP candidates were kicked off the ballot last month for submitting fraudulent petition signatures. Lacking the networks that seasoned party veterans could boast, they simply hired petition circulators. Instead of rounding up real voters, these paid collectors turned in page after page of fake names, not just for governor but for other races. How could a state once known for producing moderate Republicans get to this point? Michigan, after all, gave us former president Gerald Ford, George W. Romney and William G. Milliken

David Gergen: The irony of this mess is that people in Michigan are fired up to vote. He says GOP candidates didn't have to cheat: If they’d put the time in, they could have landed on the ballot. Gergen says the GOP candidates’ petition effort only underlined the cynical amateurishness of