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Opinion Liz Cheney’s demise was set in motion by her father

Julian Zelizer: Dick and Liz Cheney are a tragic hero driven by hubris, hubris to abuse power. He says Liz Cheney's fall is a bitter irony in her fall: she is being undone by the politics her father championed. Zelizer says her father abandoned the truth in the most profound way, starting a war on the basis of lies. Liz Cheney denounces the evil of preying on patriotism, but her father was a key figure in a White House that politicized the 9/11 attacks and portrayed the administration’s opponents as traitors, Zelizer writes. She says she deserves the lionization she is getting as she courageously fights authoritarianism that has taken over the GOP, but it is too late.

Frida Ghitis: Dick Cheney wrongly claimed that Iraq had “turned a corner,” that the insurgency was “in the last throes” She says he used disinformation and patriotism as political weapons to spread through the GOP. She says Liz Cheney bravely stood against both, and is on the verge of political exile.