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Opinion Kansas just gave forced-birth zealots a reason to be very afraid

Ruben Navarrette: Voters in Kansas turned out in droves to reject a measure that would have taken abortion protection out of the state constitution. He says this is the first concrete evidence of a major backlash against the Dobbs decision. Women will have to go to states such as Illinois (or Kansas) to get care, he says. The impact of these bans on women’s lives can be devastating, he writes, but there is still time for lawmakers in some states to heed the warning from Kansas. The entire South should pay attention to Tuesday's results, he adds, if the entire South moves to ban abortions, a likely scenario. There were 11,000 abortions in Tennessee alone last year, Pepper says. It will simply not be possible to accommodate all the patients stranded

Katherine Wisner, a practicing psychiatrist specializing in abortion cases, says many mental health disorders might warrant an abortion. Wisner: These bans, she expects, will “leave a slew of victims in their wake. And worse, this comes at a time when we are already experiencing a massive shortage of mental health services.