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Opinion Josh Hawley’s problem with masculinity

Sen. Josh Hawley is selling a vision of masculinity to White America that has much more to do with prejudice than manliness, Frida Ghitis says. Ghitis: It's an old story but a successful one, and one that’s poised to catch on. Stopping that from happening will require offering an alternative, with better examples of what being a man really means, Ghitis writes. She says Hawley's pitch holds natural appeal for older White men who already hew to traditional morals, but what about younger White men? Ghitis asks: "If you’re a man, then you believe in these things. These things, you could probably guess, are archconservative values such as the patriarchy, opposition to women’�s bodily autonomy"

White men feel they’re facing a crisis, and he plans to give them an answer. “This is like me writing a cookbook.. I don’t know how to cook,” Kander said, but when you have a huge group of people desperate to learn how to