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Opinion Josh Hawley’s lonely, manly stand against Finland and Sweden

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) voted against NATO membership for Finland and Sweden. Frida Ghitis: The Missouri senator was the only senator to vote against the move. She says the move is a massive failure for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ghitis says the U.S. economy continues to be the largest and most diversified in the world; China is a weaker power compared with the United States. She says this muddled thinking can’t survive first contact with logic; Finland, Sweden add far more to NATO than just their robust economies and their well-trained and well-equipped militaries. Ghitis writes that the shift of these nations from neutral status to NATO membership is a huge success, at negligible cost. In strategic terms,

The U.S. has made extraordinary efforts to encourage China’s development in hopes that it would join the peaceful and prosperous world order. Under President Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party has tightened its grip, squelched liberty, menaced its neighbors and knocked its own economy off